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While playing HIDE AND SHEEP this booklet was discovered. Just who are these Ovines? And why do they look so different? We may need to ask our HC? Does anyone know of this flock?

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Monday, January 24, 2011


posted by Sullivan

My Adventure to the Veteran's Administration Hospital in Lebanon PA was the day after our trip home. My HC had to go to a doctor at the B~I~G VA building in Lebanon, Pennsylvania. It was to have her eyes checked again.

In December she saw big flashes of lightening in her left eye and when she 'mentioned' it to her nurse at her check up the next week...........well talk about lightening. Lightening quick the next morning before we all woke up, the phone rang. It was a very nice eye doctor at Lebanon requesting my HC 'immediately' come and see her so she could check my HC's eyes. Right now.....that she, or rather WE went. Whew, they said her eyes would be OK and to come back in a few weeks for another check. Well, the day after we arrived home we went for the second check.

A Bit Mangled

You see, I also wear spectacles. But due to many play-times in the pasture they have become quite--well--sort of bent? So since my spectacles needed fixing I got to go along. It was very cold and gray day, but I enjoyed a quiet drive up with my HC, it takes about an hour and a quarter each way, up and back. Lots and lots of lovely farmland and so many wonderful pastures. Although covered in snow I could just imagine how lush and full of MLGV they will be when spring arrives. {Maybe we can convince our HC that a Pasture Tour may be in order?}
What a lovely place and such a HUGE building, as you may see on our current banner photo {should you wish to view it later it will also remain in our Banner Photo page}. We completed our appointments and they ordered me a new set of spectacles after they finished checking my HC's eyes. This Veteran's Hospital is very old and while my HC was with the doctor I read a bit on its history. I believe this hospital opened around the time of THE GREAT WAR when many soldiers were horribly hurt-sadly, all wars damage so many. Some parts of this stately hospital are newer than others but my favorite is the main building, Building #17~on the second floor was where we had our eyes checked.
As we left to go home I managed to convince my HC to take several photos of me, my favorite is this one where I sit at the bottom. This is one lovely place and although my HC waited years to allow the Veteran's Administration to be her health care provider-we in the flock can see that they TAKE EXCELLENT CARE OF HER, OUR HC. And for this we are truly grateful. Thank you Veteran's Administration Hospital Lebanon Pennsylvania. And the Veteran's Administration for whom they work, Thank You also!
Soon to have fresh spectacles,

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