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While playing HIDE AND SHEEP this booklet was discovered. Just who are these Ovines? And why do they look so different? We may need to ask our HC? Does anyone know of this flock?

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Sunday, January 9, 2011

Regarding Lucy

A Visit and The Result
posted by Ellis the Ram
Yes, as I spoke of earlier, my HC took her knitting, camera and myself and we left room 207. Walked to the elevator, punched UP. When it arrived and the door opened, we entered the elevator and pushed the button marked '12'. As the door closed I must say I felt uncertain. Uncertain if this Lucy who is reported to have referred to the BOYS as toys would react when we arrived. If she would invite me in with my HC. But mostly I was privately uncertain about any devious intentions fermenting in the brain of my HC.
The doors opened, we exited and walked to the door numbered 1204......and knocked. The door opened, by Lucy of course. I waited. She was looking at my HC and then looked down and noticed me. The moment was here.............and she smiled at me, nodded and invited us in. My HC had concurred with the Boys and said she seemed a very nice lady but all 5 {HC, MPU, Sullivan, Himhe and Ovi} also agreed that she didn't seem to 'get it'. Hmmmm ?So we entered, walked with Lucy down the hallway to her living room. I saw her computer sitting on a large table.

Finally my HC introduced me stating that I was the head of the flock, ELLIS THE RAM. I opted to sit in a chair at the table with Lucy while they reviewed the computer issue. Then urged on by our usual unspoken communication, my HC asked the question? She said "I brought my head of flock because when we all returned from the luncheon the boys told Ellis all about the 'toys' comment, that you seemed a very nice lady......but they felt sad for you, because we didn't think you 'get it'." The silence was DEAFENING.
But after just a few seconds Lucy said "I understand how you may have thought so, but my 'toys' comment was all made in fun. And I really do 'get it'. My late husband and I once took a trip to visit Canada and we took one of our teddy bears along with us. We hiked many trails and always took our bear along. Often my husband would put our teddy in his backpack so teddy could look where we had been. It was often quite funny to see the looks on the faces of those behind us. So I do 'get it'."
I must say not only was it a nice story which I could share with the boys but 'whatever my HC' may have been plotting was torpedoed, hopefully. After a photo of Lucy and I in chairs was taken I decided I'd much rather rest of the table by the computer. Mostly so I could look at the window at the ocean. But also to be nearby should my HC begin to 'misbehavior' in some fashion.

We spent about 1 hour as my HC and Lucy did the download and worked at getting Lucy's information entered. Lucy will have lots to do to learn her program but is quite capable, in my opinion. I communicated to my HC I thought it was time to leave and we did. Whew ! Lucy and my flock resolved 'get it', Lucy and my HC resolved the download problem and most importantly........MY HC DID NOT DO ANYTHING INAPPROPRIATE. {Always a unknown} We returned to 207, I explained all to my boys. Crisis averted.
In hopes that everyone GETS IT,
ELLIS THE RAM and all our flock here and home.

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