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While playing HIDE AND SHEEP this booklet was discovered. Just who are these Ovines? And why do they look so different? We may need to ask our HC? Does anyone know of this flock?

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Friday, January 14, 2011

A Question makes us wonder?

OUR SEARCH BEGINS~~~~~ posted by Ellis the Ram and beach Ovines
Our HC swapped emails with our GFK this morning and apparently she has been reading our blog. The gold/green/purple issue prompted a question as to what the colors are all about. Well, as it is our blog being kidnapped by this 'flock with in a flock' we would like to know the answer as well. And we all are on the lookout and WILL discover the answers as we work feverishly to discover the meaning of it all.
So our GFK asked our HC if the colors were heralding some upcoming event involving something called a 'GREEN BAY PACKER'? We all gathered to discuss this strange term, 'GREEN BAY PACKER'. First we asked the oldest in our flock, Willy, if he had heard this term. And he had not but he did point out that in his experience a Bay was a geographical term for a body of water. And although the world was filled with various such bodies the only Bays that knew of were in shades of blue. Like dark blue/grey during stormy weather or sparkling water which shone blue under cloudless skies. Or maybe even brown blue from trees which sit along the edge and provide tree colors. But he did not know of a Green Bay.
Well then what about a PACKER? After mulling over the question Willy provided a few possibilities. Didn't wolves, our sworn enemy as they are known to tear away young ovines from their flocks in order to devour them, travel in Packs? DFH !!!!!!! Maybe a Packer was a really really really big pack of wolves. Or maybe a Packer was several wolf packs, who banded together to create even more DFH. Or maybe a Packer described what this Green Bay did? Would a Green Bay wish to Pack itself and if so into what and toward what purpose?
As you see, plenty of questions but no answers. Then we realized our GFK in her inquiry had provided some clues. She said this Green Bay Packer is having a 'game' on Saturday night. Well, having dealt with CBFEJD and her interest in what she termed a 'game' called Hoc-key perhaps this GREEN BAY PACKER played the game of Hoc-key. We learned last year during the HC festival of Olympics, about many 'games'. So we decided this gave us a direction which may assist us to discover just what this GREEN BAY PACKER was.
The flock reviewed GFK's message one last time. This GREEN BAY PACKER may not be answer to the colors as GFK indicated that the Green and Gold only related to this GREEN BAY PACKER but Purple was connected to a creature called FAVRE. { But as to why this FAVRE is connected to Purple is a mystery}. Tomorrow while we are alone in room 207 research will be our priority. My first task will be to look in the dictionary. I will start by looking up GREEN BAY PACKER................

On the hunt,

Ellis, Esme, Sullivan, Callopie, Ovi, Himhe and Willy


  1. ... A certain sheep called Mr. Sparkles believes the three colors chosen to be uninspiring. Sigh. But he is biased of course ...

  2. The Flock finds the entire color issue strange as well. If given a vote Green Green Green which reminds them of Munch-able Leafy Green Vegetation. Appreciate the critque Mr Sparkles....but what The Flock could use is an answer to what Purple, Green and Gold are all about !!!! What might they mean and why us, who the heck is the "flock with in the flock" and why are they hijacking our blog.............