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While playing HIDE AND SHEEP this booklet was discovered. Just who are these Ovines? And why do they look so different? We may need to ask our HC? Does anyone know of this flock?

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Thursday, December 2, 2010

Common Ground

posted by Ellis the Ram For those familiar with my story, my life with the 4LCC, Molly with whom we reside has been one of growth and acceptance. Both of which I will admit when compelled, has been ALL on my side. As anyone familiar with domestic creatures will attest, specifically 4LCCs....4LCCs are simple creatures. {As much as I would like to exclaim--simple~minded} by simple, I mean their needs and desires aren't wide ranging. If I were to prioritize the list:
1} AFHC {Attention from Human Creatures} 2} Food with AFHC
3} Water with AFHC 4} Sleep within the same territory with HCs or in reality on top of HCs
5} Walks/Car Rides with AFHC and finally
6} AFHC.
Understanding these priorities has encompassed 99% of my growth. The acceptance portion running wwww-aaaa-yyyy behind.
So with the sad discovery of the destruction of 2 of 3 ears of Indian Corn, which our HC used for seasonal decorations, many of the flock were bereft. Quickly we determined that as they had been outdoors, the criminal element was Squirrels. Squirrels who much to our amusement, have been the bane of the 4LCCs existence. Well....WE are no longer AMUSED.
One may question our attachment to these ears of Indian Corn. For the flock they represent the central focus of our existence~~THE PASTURE. They grow next to pastures. Although not munch-able leafy green vegetation, they do rise out of the soil as does munch-able leafy green vegetation. And if there is anything the flock loves, it is MUNCH-ABLE LEAFY GREEN VEGETATION. Sadly the Indian Corn was eaten, damaged, mauled.
The ears had been placed in a basket being used to collect seasonal decorations, in order for the HC to bring out more decorations. {Why? We have no answer} But the 3 ears fell onto the floor, which can be seen by the photo at the top of this post. And I was compelled to see for myself if it was true..............IT WAS!!!!!
So, imagine my shock when the 4LCC gently came to stand by me and inspect the damage, and then consoled me.
This was so shocking I called out to Esme to come and witness the 4LCC's behavior and she was so taken aback {I've often told her she is too sentimental} she joined us on the carpet. Then in a totally unexpected turn of events the 4LCC reclined next to us. If I were as kind hearted as Esme I might say the 4LCCs behavior was a show of support for our loss. But the reality is........we have found common ground~~~~we both detest


  1. We are PLAGUED with squirrels!! None of our flock care for the gray ones - but I'm quite partial to the red squirrels that are quite cute!

  2. CUTE??? SQUIRRELS&*@&#&??????