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While playing HIDE AND SHEEP this booklet was discovered. Just who are these Ovines? And why do they look so different? We may need to ask our HC? Does anyone know of this flock?

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Sunday, December 26, 2010

Cold we say? YES !!! Shear you say? NO !!!
posted by Ellis the Ram
In regard to winter.....Ovine Angst !
There are several issues with which we are constantly forced to face and frequently must voice our concerns. {Our HC Susan defines it as complaining. We disagree OF COURSE!} . So here we are yet again.....the arrival of another winter, unseasonable cold invading where such temperatures are seldom seen. Perhaps?? hearing at times a buzzing from the distance. Buzzing which may or may not be the sound of SHEARS, so we can not relax. ~~~~ The Flock is beginning to ripple. Why? Cold always leads to the subject of ~~~~~~
Realizing many may not understand why we may be concerned? A few situations to consider...... 1. There is the indignity of being grappled, flipped, and wrestled as we are sheared. 2. The imminent and fearsome knowledge that we may be nicked, cut or suffer the scraping of our skin. 3. The horror of being the target of some novice with shears in hand, for the first time. 4. The grating sound of the shears as it attacks our fleece and the deafening buzz as it nears our neck and head. 5. That shears would break, leaving us to be incompletely sheared~WHO KNOWS WHAT WOULD BE GONE AND WHAT WOULD REMAIN. How Humiliating!!!
And then if the dreaded Shearing occurs WE would be COLD.
Some may question why they should be concerned about THE DREADED SHEARING. Worldwide there are countless Ovines not fortunate enough to have chosen a HC with whom to reside. Thus don't have the option of their flocks having a pasture indoors. Ovines may live in bitter cold or even terrible heat. In our pasture we have an ovine who originally resided in Iceland. 4LLL {Four Legged Limp Lamb-we should ask him to introduce himself in 'Meet the Ovines'} and he could tell of the cold. THEN. Today we happened upon a photo sent to our HC by another HC. Our hoofs felt like ice, our skin immediately developed goose bumps {why are dreaded afflictions always given animal names?} and our ears and tails shriveled inward. All of which makes us look beyond ridiculous!!!!! Our HC Susan was sent a postcard from a pen pal who lives in Australia, they met on Ravelry. {What's Ravelry? Browse and you will discover}. THIS POSTCARD WAS, A postcard of an Ovine, who was 'actually being sheared'. HORRORS !!! Are HCs sheared? Without consent? NO. If 4LCCs or even 4LFCs are sheared they have the privilege of residing indoors. Plus they are often given a treat afterwards. But we Ovines face THE DREADED SHEARING. WHY? So that other creatures may be warm. So HCs may don garments to keep out the cold, NORMALLY MADE FROM OUR SACRIFICES. For coats or beds for 4LCCs and others of the domesticated variety....your fleece isn't at risk PLUS you are allowed indoors with your HCs. Many Ovines aren't invited indoors.
So we....we.....the soft, the fluffy, the ORIGINAL owners of the woolen garments, are at great risk. Especially from COLD. So should you find yourself being offered a pair of shears, decline! Should you see in front of you an Ovine atop a table, leave! If you are asked to grapple and hold an Ovine while others with shears are in the area with intentions to shear, intercede! Remember, for all those not blessed at birth with being Ovines......maybe the next time you travel through this earthly plane you may luck out and find yourself in our pasture.

The wool you wear today~~next time COULD BE SHEARED FROM You ! You may be atop the table facing The Dreaded Shears. So, DO YOU REALLY NEED ANOTHER SWEATER?

In hopes, Ellis the Ram for our Ovine brethren everywhere. FLOCKISM for the post~~~~ Shearing is a drastic action which should be controlled not by those holding the shears but rather by those being sheared.

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