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While playing HIDE AND SHEEP this booklet was discovered. Just who are these Ovines? And why do they look so different? We may need to ask our HC? Does anyone know of this flock?

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Thursday, December 30, 2010

Callopie "Explorer Extraordinaire"

posted by Callopie "Explorer Extraordinaire"


Around the Corner, Across the Patio, Through the Gate

Yes, I got in trouble and Yes, I was punished. But it really was worth it. I went on my own adventure, ALL by myself. I saw wondrous sights, met other creatures and found my very own PLUS. At first it was quite scary. When Susan, our HC, left the condo on some errand I managed to sneak out the door and then staying right next to the wall I inched my way~all the way down the stairs. Finally, downstairs on what is called the 'pool deck', I peeked around the corner. Just in case something dangerous lurked there. {Also to check for our HC, she is tricky}. Then across the patio I raced. Still undetected I crawled onto the gate and wiggled through.


I slid down the rail, I walked over the sand, I see the Ocean Tide


Although the wood had splinters I carefully slide down the railing and onto the sand. I'd never been on 'sand' and it was strange. Parts of it were dry while others were damp and all over were so many exciting things. Bits of rock and shells, feathers, dips in sand and then piles of sand. What fun! Finally I found my way to where the sand was very wet~~the OCEAN. And it was beautiful, HUGE, and busy. The Flock thinks I never sit still? I guess they never met the OCEAN. It comes and goes.....well first it goes and goes and goes and then it comes and comes and comes. I think that part is what HCs call THE TIDES. The strange thing is that the whole times it goes and goes and goes it still comes and when it comes and comes and comes it still goes. I guess the OCEAN doesn't need rest or sleep.

******** So I walk far, I meet a grey Cat's Paw, I climb big rocks
******** WOW....the sand goes on and on and on. I wonder if it ever ends but I decide to walk as far as I am able certain there will be more new adventures. Soon I meet a very old and pale Cat's Paw and we had a friendly chat. Out in the Dennison Flock they live with a 4LFC, Mr Tig. Last year when Ellis was here he sent Mr Tig a box full of Cat's Paws. Ellis told him he could use them to show his flock where they could not be, Cat's Paws could make a border for Mr Tig's Pasture....or whatever a 4LFC calls where they live. After meeting the Cat's Paw, I found a wonderful mountain of beach rocks and I climbed them. The red ones were my favorites.
I discover Sea Grass, I Play Hide and Seek, I meet a PLUS
******** Around the rocks was MLGV, like in my Pasture. Well, not exactly the same but a lot like it. I prefer Pasture MLGV. Although some of the Sea MLGV was green, most of it was brown and dry. Hm, guess when it gets cold even in my Pasture the green turns brown also. Although I did not find the Sea MLGV very tasty, I did find it made a great place to play Hide and Seek.....but as I am alone on the adventure Hide and Seek isn't much fun. I can Hide but no one to Seek me or I could Seek but no one to Hide. Maybe next time others can sneak out with me. So I went back to the sand and was so very very happy to find my very first PLUS. And we had a very nice chat also. I told him about all the other PLUSES and he agreed to come home with me, 'when' I end my adventure later. So now 2 of us are on my adventure.
******** Then disaster strikes, And although I hide?, The PLUS and I are BUSTED!
Just when I have a companion to explore with me, it happens. The PLUS has stopped to rest while I go ahead. He calls and when I turn AARRGGHH !!! MY HC !!!!! What a disaster. My absence obviously had been discovered and now I had been found. I did try to hide and found a rock but it was far to small and although I tried to hide I was much larger than the rock. The PLUS and I were BUSTED. And from the look on the shoes I was in serious trouble.
We are ordered home, This time an open gate, The PLUS and I cross patio
My adventure has ended. We are ordered back to the beginning, the boring Condo. No crawling up the rail nor slipping between the rails of the gate. No sprinting across the patio keeping eyes out for potential problems. Our HC takes the elevator and tells me that I can return the way I came, along the wall. {This seemed hopeful as once she leaves we may sneak off to more adventures but....}. HC warns before the elevator door closes, that if we are not knocking at the condo door within 10 minutes we will be hunted down again. And punishment WILL be compounded. So 5 minutes later we reached the door.
The Punishment-no playtime with the rest of the flock, no story time before bed, no extra MLGV the rest of the day. {PIFFLE-My adventure was worth all that times 10 and more}. Sullivan reminds me that some may be confused as to "What are PLUSES?" I'll mull over how to explain them to you, later, when my punishment is ended.
AND MY NEW FRIEND PLUS {he still is deciding on his name}


  1. Thank you for sharing-Enjoyed the adventure-with pictures-Hope to read more from View from the pasture

  2. OOOO, My adventure so I get to re-comment on comment......Thank you so very much for enjoying my adventure. I was allowed an outing yesterday-semi off punishment. Went to a Candy Store with the Stowaways. BUT I alone had my photo taken with Candy Shop lady LARA. When I told Ellis he said that it seems LARA 'gets it'.