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While playing HIDE AND SHEEP this booklet was discovered. Just who are these Ovines? And why do they look so different? We may need to ask our HC? Does anyone know of this flock?

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Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Why I'm in the freezer....

Your first question would be, So why am I sitting in a freezer?
Opening post by Ellis the Ram
Well, it is one place I could be alone. Even the youngest or most troublesome of The Flock wouldn't sit next to me beyond the first moment, cold~OBVIOUSLY! And these were my berries and until they froze they were in great danger of being eaten, by everyone ~ especially Esme. Esme has in the past done just that and having learned the hard way....WHEN IT COMES TO BERRIES TRUST VANISHES.
Esme? She is my lifelong friend and co head of my flock. Chain of command runs , I~Ellis the Ram and my partner Esme the Ewe. Bit by bit, when we permit their participation, our friends {HC-Human Creatures}, our peers {Ovines-Sheep} and even the housebound creatures which may reside within our Pastures homes of our HCs, namely 4LCCs and 4LFCs. All who may reveal themselves as our blog grows. Or you may meet them first, when they are key to what we wish to speak about in a post.
Definitions, yes. Many times we speak and write using 'acronyms'. No we had no clue what they were either when we first decided to reside with Susan, the HC in our Pasture. For some reason she seems to use them to the extreme. Several months into our living arrangement I finally had my fill of 'acronyms' and expressed a desire that she speak ENTIRE WORDS. It was at that point we learned why 'acronyms' were her norm. She is a Navy Veteran and it seems HCs who spend time in the Navy are trained to speak in acronyms. {The flock thinks it strange but we compromise on this point as it has caused trauma all around when we complain about the frequent new acronyms.} And trust me when I say learning to live with HCs is no small feat if one wishes to maintain their sanity.
Knowing of our difficulties with questionable groups of letters, we commit , when using the acronym for the first time, its definition will immediately follow in these {)[ keys on Susan's laptop. To backtrack then, these creatures we refer to as 4LCC and 4LFC? That would be 4LCC {Four Legged Canine Creature} and 4LFC {Four Legged Feline Creature}. Learning to live in harmony with THEM we have come to regard our species as highly evolved. This based solely on their behaviors.
My 2 best HC friends live in Canada and California and after meeting me, Ellis, they requested to live with Ovines in their own Pastures. With our blessings, Esme and I, they enjoy the benefits of sharing their Pastures. Of course those 2 flocks are no where near the population of The Van Hyning Pasture where we reside. At last Flock census, our numbers are well over 60 Ovines, each with their own terminally unique personalities, quirks and excellent qualities. The Flocks of Dennison {California} and Duncan {Canada} contain single digits of Ovines but are very clever and unique in their own ways.
As this is my first post I will end here. And no, I've long been out of the freezer. The photo was taken in August of this year while Esme, I and selected members of our flock went on holiday with our HC, her PU {Parental Unit-Polly} and the 4LCC, Molly. The berries.....Blackberries and Blueberries picked daily, frozen and returned to our pasture in Pennsylvania. I love berries!
For The Flock and Esme, I bid you good evening and sleep well.
P.S. We must share the laptop with Susan our HC. We sometimes rely on her to research and inform us on the best method regarding ways and means to achieve our goals. Did I mention she is severely ADHD thus easily distracted co mingled with serious hyper focus issues and quick to fume when multiple inconsequential requests are made of her? {I think the word overload would easily describe the issue we deal with at times}. We request patience from if you have any extra patience you don't need...WE ARE ALWAYS IN DIRE NEED!!!!!


  1. Good morning! What a wonderful start to a wonderful blog. Love the photos! I am honored to be the very first person to comment - well - I'm joined by Emily, Dennison and Mr. Sparkles.
    As for being in the freezer .... I'm afraid it's just as cold in California at the moment!

  2. Thank you for your kind and wonderful compliment dearest HC friend Hannah. And we understand why it is you who are posting from the Dennison Pasture. Emily the Lamb far to young, Dennison far to undisciplined and frequently ill mannered and and Mr Sparkles no doubt in the closet designing his holiday wardrobe. Cold in California??? Ask the resident 4LFC to cuddle with you after work. Mr. Tig can be good for the blues-both personal and from the cold.